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Sync to
Loyalty Program
or Charity

Using our free app, sync to your favorite retailers' loyalty programs and track the amount of credits you earn.

  • Wesco
  • Target
  • Humane Society
  • Amazon
  • Boys Girls Club
Nessie Mobile App

Deposit Cans
and Plastic Bottles

Deposit cans and plastic bottles into machine. The machine will then scan and drop them into your recycling bin below. Credit will automatically be added to your rewards account. Bring the collected cans out to the curb through your existing recycling service.

Nessie Deposit Cans
step 3

Spend Towards
Your Purchase
Or Give To Charity

Use your credits toward your next shopping trip at your favorite retailer.

Nessie Online System

Our mission is saving time, money, and resources to improve the future for people, businesses, and the environment.

Smart homes, grocery delivery services, and apps for everything are automating and simplifying our daily lives. Nessie Solutions integrates into everyday life, taking away the extra trip to the sticky return room at the grocery store. Plus it's easy to apply your funds directly to your next order, whether that's in store or a delivery service.

We're eliminating the responsibility and cost of returnables to participating retailers, while seamlessly benefiting their loyal customers. Retailers are able to reallocate space previously needed for returnables, and use less resources. Now 83% of returnables can be done at home (glass not an option at this time).

Ensuring more is recycled helps the environment and makes it easier for all to take part. No more extra trips to the store means saving on gas and carbon emissions.